DescriptionDiam is played on an octagonal board with 8 pawns.
Instructions Diam is played on an octagonal board with 8 pawns. Each player has 8 pawns of 2 different colors. On each player's turn, you can put a pawn on the game board or you can move a pawn.

The pawns can be stacked on the same space up to 4 pawns high. If a pawn is moved from one space, all of the pawns above are then moved with it at the same time.

The winner is the first player who creates a Diam with one of his colors. A Diam is created when 2 pawns of identical color are on the same stack level face to face (on 2 diametrically opposed spaces). The lowest level is not taken into account. If 2 Diams are created at the same time, the higher Diam wins.
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