MindJolt Games
MindJolt Games
Mindjolt knows games! Own our beloved classics like Starries and Crazy Cabbie!
Fluff Friends Rescue
Fluff Friends Rescue
Are you an animal lover? Be a hero and help the lonely little critters in Fluff Friends Rescue!
Bird's the Word
Bird's the Word
Are you a word nerd? Bird's the Word is the most addicting game to land on your handheld device!
  • Night of the Living Dead Defense
    Night of the Living Dead Defense
    Love zombies? Love to shoot 'em dead? Get ready to save humanity!
  • Warp Rush
    Warp Rush
    Race through the never-ending game grid with no boundaries, except the limitation of your gaming skills!
  • Brick Shift Plus
    Brick Shift Plus
    Race against the clock for brick shifting action!
  • Crazy Cabbie
    Crazy Cabbie
    Drive as fast as possible, while dodging other cars.
  • Tower Stack
    Tower Stack
    Build your tower as tall as possible, but don't drop the blocks!
  • Word Searcher Plus
    Word Searcher Plus
    Search for words from the grid of letters.