Block Games
  • Tropical Swaps
    Tropical SwapsTropical Swaps
    Swap the blocks and match the pieces in this original, action, puzzle game!
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  • Tower Stack
    Tower StackTower Stack
    Build your tower as tall as possible, but don't drop the blocks!
  • Math Smash
    Math SmashMath Smash
    Use your math skills to smash blocks and rescue critters trapped in 5 unique worlds. You'll get coins for answering math questions correctly, and you can use those coins to buy special power ups to smash your way through levels even faster. Start the game by hitting play, then select the grade of math skill you want to practice. Afterwards read the question and then click on the block that has the correct answer. If you answer correctly all blocks that are touching with the same color will be removed and you'll get combo coins! Use those coins to buy special powers to clear levels even faster. Answer carefully because you only a certain amount of turns per level!
  • Colors in the Sky
    Colors in the SkyColors in the Sky
    Destroy the similar colored blocks, and cause big chain reactions!
  • Quatris
    Four times bigger block movement, with a spin to it.
  • Enigmatica
    Line up the tiles in rows or columns in this tricky, block-sliding puzzle!
  • Plant Life
    Plant LifePlant Life
    You're a plant. Use your petals to fight off the evil red blocks!
  • Double Dodge
    Double DodgeDouble Dodge
    Dodge incoming blocks in the fun multi-tasking game!
  • Rigby
    Help Rigby protect his kingdom by breaking the boring blocks.
  • Nitro Platform
    Nitro PlatformNitro Platform
    Collect stars without falling through holes. Beware of exploding blocks!
  • SquareBall
    Roll to the finish line by strategically choosing which blocks to move.
  • WordRomp
    Connect letter blocks within the game board to form words. Don't forget to shuffle the board!
  • DotPlus
    A math-based, action puzzle, with one easy rule. Add blocks and match them.
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  • Christmas DeBloc
    Christmas DeBlocChristmas DeBloc
    Destroy the colored blocks by combining bars in this inventive puzzle game.
  • BluCat
    Play this cute, block, puzzler game! Save the BluCat by feeding the animals to each other.