Click Games
  • Word Drop 2
    Word Drop 2Word Drop 2
    This is the sequel to the smash hit, Word Drop! Form words by clicking the tiles!
  • Pick Up Sticks
    Pick Up SticksPick Up Sticks
    Pick up all the sticks from the screen as fast as you can by clicking on them!
  • Match2in
    Match pairs of the same symbols by clicking on them. It's that simple!
  • Pick Up Sticks 2
    Pick Up Sticks 2Pick Up Sticks 2
    Click on the correctly colored sticks as fast as you can!
  • Numbers Crunch
    Numbers CrunchNumbers Crunch
    Click the numbered orbs to create a sum of 10.
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  • Pick Up Sticks 3D
    Pick Up Sticks 3DPick Up Sticks 3D
    Click on a pair of the same colored sticks as fast as you can!
  • Math Smash
    Math SmashMath Smash
    Use your math skills to smash blocks and rescue critters trapped in 5 unique worlds. You'll get coins for answering math questions correctly, and you can use those coins to buy special power ups to smash your way through levels even faster. Start the game by hitting play, then select the grade of math skill you want to practice. Afterwards read the question and then click on the block that has the correct answer. If you answer correctly all blocks that are touching with the same color will be removed and you'll get combo coins! Use those coins to buy special powers to clear levels even faster. Answer carefully because you only a certain amount of turns per level!
  • Dew Fusion
    Dew FusionDew Fusion
    Clear away the drops of morning dew by clicking on them!
  • Bomber Blastic
    Bomber BlasticBomber Blastic
    Click your mouse to fire a bomb, and cause a chain reaction.
  • Mini-Parachutes
    Click the kids to open their parachutes and collect the coins.
  • Reflex
    Test your reflexes in this epic circle clicking saga!
  • Super Letter Game
    Super Letter GameSuper Letter Game
    Click each of the letters to collect the alphabet as quickly as possibe!
  • Teleporter
    Click to make your ball teleport to avoid obstacles and enemies!
    Hot Game
  • Pop Balloons
    Pop BalloonsPop Balloons
    Pop balloons to set a chain reaction! Burst all with the minimum amount of clicks.
  • The Dreamerz
    The DreamerzThe Dreamerz
    The Dreamerz is a point and click adventure, set across a wide system of planets.