Fruits Games
  • Hungry Worms
    Hungry WormsHungry Worms
    Hungry worms are attacking your plants! You must gather vegetables and fruits before they eat everything up! There's nothing worth than biting into an apple and seeing a worm slither out!
  • Billy's Hill
    Billy's HillBilly's Hill
    Catch fireflies and grow enough fruit to satisfy the vicious monster!
  • Killer Snake
    Killer SnakeKiller Snake
    Basic snake game, collect the fruit and don't hit the walls or yourself.
  • Shoot and Catch
    Shoot and CatchShoot and Catch
    A fun multi-tasking game of shooting missiles and catching fruit.
  • Frutopia
    Gulping down fruit is sure to make you sick. Good thing this guy doesn't have one!
  • Big Farm
    Big FarmBig Farm
    The freshest ingredients come straight from the farm! You don't have to rush out to the Farmer's Market for the crispiest veggies and juiciest fruits. Just step into your beautiful backyard garden and gather up the herbs and spices to turn all of your tasty dishes into wondrous masterpieces of food!