Powerup Games
  • Electropede
    Clear the grid of a chronic insectoid infestation.
  • Jump in the Dark
    Jump in the DarkJump in the Dark
    Reach the Sun!
  • Data Worm 2
    Data Worm 2Data Worm 2
    Collect the data. Be the data.
    Hot Game
  • Ninja Fury
    Ninja FuryNinja Fury
    Dodge missiles!
  • Tank War
    Tank WarTank War
    Retro Tank Fun!
  • Helinon
    Defend your ship from the enemy hordes for as long as possible!
  • Oroboros
    Fly the Oroboros around gaining powerups and defeating enemies.
    Hot Game
  • Words in Spaaace!
    Words in Spaaace!Words in Spaaace!
    An addictive word building game with power-ups!
  • Dots2
    Collect dots to unlock levels and powerups.
  • Alien Bug Invader
    Alien Bug InvaderAlien Bug Invader
    Use power-ups to rapidly destroy the Alien Bugs.
  • Orbtrex
    Blast enemies with your fireball cannon and catch powerup orbs.
  • Critical Mass
    Critical MassCritical Mass
    Pick Rad power-ups to build your critical mass and blow your enemies away!
  • Bounce
    An arcade-style action game involving a grappling hook, power-ups, balls and more balls!!!
  • Fly Meow
    Fly MeowFly Meow
    Meow saw the love in her eyes, just before she got on car... and it is impossible for him to catch up with a car! But it seems he won't give up so fast! Collect the power-ups to earn more points and upgrade his skills to find his love of life.
  • Hurry Up Bob 2
    Hurry Up Bob 2Hurry Up Bob 2
    Famed archaeologist, Bob, was exploring ancient Aztec ruins when a shining crystal distracted him. Little did he know that crystal would unleash a horde of monsters and a consuming lake of acid. Now, Bob must race upward to escape the climbing acid bath, avoid monsters, and get out alive. Many artifacts were lost because of Bob's mistakes, but plenty of powerups and health potions remain to help Bob jump out of this trap!